The ISHP Executive committee decided to re-open the call for application process for the ISHP Grant from December 1st 2018 till January 6th 2019. All applications that we might receive for the second call in the re-open period, will be submitted to the evaluation process as usually, following the previous good practice and roles of our Society.

Detailed information can be found here: ISHP Research Fellowship

Newsletter 2018

The ISHP Newsletter 2018 is now available.

Award of the ISHP Honorary Memebership to Dr. Jadwiga Brzezińska

The Ceremonial Meeting of the International Academy for the History of Pharmacy, held in Warsaw on September 13, 2017, represented the appropriate setting to honour Dr. Jadwiga Brzezińska, Poland. For the first time, the International Society for the History of Pharmacy awarded the honorary membership to one of its members to appreciate the great efforts of Jadwiga Brzezińska in the field of history of Polish pharmacy and her untiring research until today, being now in her nineties.

In 1955, she graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Wrocław, and, in 1990, she received her PhD degree from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical Academy in Poznań. She had worked for 37 years in a pharmacy in Kołobrzeg, the town where she had also lectured at the Medical School for 20 years. Since 1955, she has been a member of the Polish Pharmaceutical Society. In 1983, she entered the board of the section “History of Pharmacy” of that society. She received several Polish awards and, in 2013, the Carmen Francés Medal.
To date, she is still a devoted researcher in Polish history of pharmacy having published numerous articles in this field throughout the years. Her latest book ̶ “The Role of the University of Dorpat in the Education of Polish Pharmacy Students 1802-1918” ̶ was published this year. For 20 years, she has regularly participated in all international congresses for the history of pharmacy, where she presented short lectures on different topics of history of Polish pharmacy.
In awarding the honorary membership to Dr. Brzezińska, the ISHP acknowledged the comprehensive research work of that extraordinary Lady as well as her devotion to our society.

Ass. Prof. Dr. Christa Kletter
President of the International Society for the History of Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical Historian now online

ISHP announces the launch of the Pharmaceutical Historian an peer-reviewed, open access periodical published by the British Society for the History of Pharmacy on behalf of the ISHP. The first number appeared in 1967. Online issues are now available from Volume 47, no. 1, March 2017: Link to full-text content

Three more societies joined the ISHP

The General Secretary of the ISHP, Dusanka Krajnovic, is delighted to inform you that three more societies are now member of the ISHP: Hong Kong Society for the History of Pharmacy, Iranian Society for the History of Pharmacy and Lithuanian Society for the History of Pharmacy, see Member Societies.

British Society celebrates 50th anniversary

The first weekend in April, the annual spring conference of the British Society for the History of Pharmacy (BSHP) was held in London to celebrate the societies 50th anniversary, as it was founded in 1967. Participants had the opportunity to visit the new headquarter of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society with an exhibition of historical objects in the ground floor. Presentations were given about BSHP history, its journal ‘Pharmaceutical Historian”, which is now turning to become international, the London School of Pharmacy and many other topics. President Roy Allcorn was able to cut a huge birthday cake, which has been donated.



In Memoriam: Yngve Torud

ISHP regrets to announce the death of Yngve Torud, former president of the ISHP, passed away on 12th January 2017, at the age of 76.

Born January 30, 1940, he studied pharmacy in Oslo (1965), was provisor at  Lillestrøm apotek and became technical director of the Norwegian Pharmacy Association – Norges Apotekerforening – from 1968. In 1983 he was appointed professor of Pharmacy at the Pharmaceutical Institute in Oslo (Farmasøytisk institutt UiO). From 1989 to 2001 he worked as pharmacist at Svaneapotheket in Oslo.

Yngve Torud was a distinguished historian of pharmacy, he published numerous articles and edited several books including Apotekfarmasi gjennom 100 år (1981). His international professional and scientific activities were well-known. He was president of the ISHP from 1989 to 1999, was member of the Norwegian Society for the History of Pharmacy and served as its president from 2003 to 2017 and also was a member of the International Academy of the History of Pharmacy.

Among his many honors for his professional work were the medal Det giftige kors (Crux venenifera), Norways highest award in pharmacy in 1999 and La médaille de la Ville de Paris in 1995.

Yngve Torud will best be remembered as a kind, gentle man with a great sense of humor and generous spirit, and a deep bass. He was respected by colleagues worldwide, they will miss him very much.


2017 ISHP Fellowship granted
Dear colleagues and friends, members of the ISHP,

The ISHP Commission for the Research Fellowship is delighted to announce that the ISHP Fellowship 2017 was awarded to the project of Mr. Markus Maxim from the Institute for the History of Pharmacy, Philipps-University Marburg, Germany. His project will be supported by the fellowship grant in a sum of € 2500.-. The title of the project is: “Transmission of medical-pharmaceutical knowledge between East Africa and Europe in the context of the Bethel Missions in the 20th century“.

General Secretary,
Dusanka Krajnovic,PhD Pharm

30Th December, 2016