Projects and Prospects – Virtual Symposium and General Assembly

April 23-24, 2021


Program (Time Middle European Summer Time)

Friday April 23Session A: Drugs and Prescriptions
15.30A1Terminological changes of essential oils of selected pharmacopoeias – Z. Takáts, N. Papp, T. Ambrus, Pecs, Hungary/Brno, Czech Republic
16.00A2A women’s job: getting science in each household (19-20th ct.) – G. Bovone, Italy
16.30A3Apothecaries, charlatans and the manufacturing spectacle. Legal and illegal theriac prescriptions and other antidotes in Bologna in the early modern period – P. Oszajca, Winterthur, Switzerland
17.00A4Prescriptions of narcotics and toxic substances in German-speaking countries from the 18th until the 20th century. A contribution to the history of drug safety – K. Grothusheitkamp, Marburg, Germany
18.00Extended Executive Committee Meeting/General Assembly
  Highlight Presentations
20.00H1New insights into ancient Egyptian medical prescriptions – Prof. Dr. Tanja Pommerening, University of Marburg, Germany
20.45H2Imaging of the Syriac Galen palimpsest with powerful X-rays – Prof. Dr. Uwe Bergmann, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, USA
Saturday April 24, 2021Session B: Traditional Pharmaceuticals
9.30B1A historical report on preparing sustained release dosage forms for addicts in Medieval Persia, 16th c. AD – S. Soleymani, A. Zargaran, Tehran, Iran
10.00B2Ancient remedies against parasitic nematodes: an investigation on codices and pharmacopoeias – C. B. Vicentini, M. Chicca, M. Pezzi, Ferrara, Italy
10.30B3Remedies to seasickness: suggestions from ancient codices, herbals, and pharmacopeias – B. M. Giusto, M. L. Giusto, C. B. Vicentini, Ferrara, Italy
 Session C: Traditional and Colonial Pharmacy
11.30C1A (very) brief history of Tibetan traditional medicine – F. Eidam-Weber, Frankfurt, Germany
12.00C2Georg Joseph Kamel (1661-1706): Natural and medical knowledge in transit between the Philippines and Europe – S. Kroupa, London, UK
12.30C3Penal hospital pharmacy in the penal colony in Guyana – D. Braguer, Allauch, France
 Session D: Pharmacy and Pharmacists
14.00D1Francis Bernard (1628-1698): A seventeenth-century apothecary and physician – E. Betz, St. Andrews, UK
14.30D2Establishment and activity of pharmacology department of Belarusian state medical university during 1922-1940 – A.V. Shalukhina, N.A. Bizunok, V.F. Sosonkina, Belarus
15.00D3The new academic degree for pharmacists during the Napoleonic Italian republic (1802-1805) – E. Cevolani, Bologna, Italy/Madrid, Spain
  Session E: Pharmaceutical Literature
16.00E1Using optical character recognition for the transcription of a handwritten herbal – M. Mönnich, Tübingen/Karlsruhe, Germany
16.30E2Some publications from Romanian pharmaceutical literature from XIX-XXth centuries – L.-M. Stanescu, Bucharest, Romania
17.00E3What kind of stories bookplates tell. Some viewpoints in the mirror of the historical library of Swiss pharmacy – S. Ruppen, Berne, Switzerland
17.30E4„A difficult weapon to confiscate“. Ethical implications of military human enhancement reflected through the science fiction genre – F. Vongehr, Marburg, Germany