Working Group History of Pharmacopoeias


Argentina: Brief outline of the evolution of Pharmacopoeia in Argentina. Edited by Ariadna Matilde Viglione


Austria: The Civil Pharmacopoeias of Austria. Edited by Christa Kletter

The Austrian Military Pharmacopoeias and the Medicine Supply to the Imperial Army. Edited by Christa Kletter


Denmark: The history of the Danish pharmacopoeias. Edited by Poul R. Kruse


Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian national pharmacopoeias. Edited by Ramūnas Kondratas, Vilma Gudienė, Zenona Šimaitienė, Baiba Maurina, Ain Raal, Kalju Paju


France: A stroll through the collections of Pharmacopoeias of the order of pharmacists in Paris. Edited by Olivier Lafont

Pharmacopoeas in France after the French revolution. Edited by Bruno Bonnemain

The Codex Medicamentarius seu Pharmacopoea Parisiensis – 5th edition of 1758. Edited by Hélène Lehmann


German Pharmacopoeias. Edited by Christoph Friedrich

The History of Pharmacopeias in Iran (Persia): From Antiquity to Current Era. Edited by Arman Zargaran & Mohammad M. Zarshenas


Italian Pharmacopoeias. A general survey. Edited by Giovanni Cipriani

Pharmacopoeias from the Ducky of Naples to Kingdom of the two Sicilies. Edited by Raimondo Villano

Pharmacopoeias in Veneto from the fall of the Republic until Italian Unification. Edited by Ernesto Riva

The last Pharmacopoeias of the Italian States prior to Unification (1853-1858). Edited by Antonio Corvi


Mexico: The role of Mexican Pharmacopeias in the construction of a national identity. Edited by Liliana Schifter & Patricia Aceves


Norway: The History of the Norwegian Pharmacopoeias and Formularies. Edited by Gunvor Solheim and Jan Karlsen


Poland: History of Polish Pharmacopoeias. Edited by Anita Magowska


Portugal: Brief history of Portuguese pharmacopoeias (18th-20th century). Edited by João Rui Pita


Romanian Pharmacopoiea from the first to the last edition. Edited by Valentina Soroceanu, UMF “Carol Davila” Bucharest

Literature and references about Pharmacopoeias in Romania, throught the ages until today. Edited by Ana Carata, Emilia Stancu, Adriana-Elena Taerel, Constanta Rizescu


Serbia: Phamacopoeia in Serbia. Edited by Dusanka Krajnovic and Jelena Manojlovic, Belgrade University Faculty of Pharmacy


Spain: An Account on the History of the Spanish Pharmacopoeias. Edited by Antonio González Bueno, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

The Royal Spanish Pharmacopoeia Legal Analysis. Edited by Carlos del Castillo Rodríguez, Universidad Complutense de Madrid


Switzerland: An Account on the Story of the Swiss Pharmacopoeias. Edited by François Ledermann, University of Berne

A contribution to the situation of a Swiss military-pharmacopoeia. Edited by Ursula Hirter-Trüb, Basel


Arabic Pharmacopoeia and Tunisian Pharmacopoeia. Edited by Radhi Jazi & Joëlle Ricordel


Turkey: A Concise History of Turkish Pharmacopoeias from 1818 to Present. Edited by Halil Tekiner, Afife Mat, Mert Sandalci


United Kingdom: Pharmacopoeias of Great Britain. Edited by Stuart Anderson


United States Pharmacopeial Convention: Respecting the past, moving confidently into the future. Edited by Geeta Tirumalai & Angela Long